Got a question in your mind about your child and her or his studies? Param Shishya answers all your difficult questions and more in this section. Questions such as “How can my child become the best in his career?” “How can I make him or her sharp and focused?” “What are the next steps to ensure his bright future?” If you don’t find an answer to your queries here, feel free to drop us an email here.

How do I control my child’s addiction to mobile phones?

At Param Shishya, we strongly believe that during every child’s formative years she or he must not be exposed to too much of technology. But since we cannot avoid such circumstances it is wise for us to divert a child’s mind towards more constructive activities that involve both parent and the child. It is important also for parents themselves to show restraint and behave responsibly while using such mobile phones and gadgets, as this behavior will be picked up by the child. You may get in touch with us for a list of activities.

During Corona-virus Social Distancing, can my child do your programmes Online?

Yes. Param Shishya has specially arranged and is currently offering all its Online Training Programmes for Students and One-to-One Counselling sessions with students and parents through video sessions.

As a parent what are some behavioral issues in my child I should be careful of?

According to Child Psychology in modern times, and after a detailed study of several children, some of the most common issues a child can face are – addiction to gadgets such as mobile phones, TV, computer, getting angry and disobedient over small issues, unnecessary arguments and fighting with parents or siblings, stealing etc. As parents we must realize that the root cause of such problems often lie in the family surroundings, school environment and even in the community we live in.

Watch this Video for Tips by Ms. Nehha Mhetre, to nurture your Children and help them make most till schools re-open!

My Child is not focused in studies, what should I do?

Param Shishya is committed to make your child progress faster from whatever current state he or she is in. Through counseling and miscellaneous activities, we teach essential skills to your child to help him or her focus on studies and manage the time wisely.

Do you offer parenting tips to manage my child and his studies better?

Yes, besides training students, we also conduct special one-day parenting workshops for parents and teachers to help them guide their children better.

What are the different Life-Skills my Child can learn with Param Shishya?

Param Shishya is dedicated to the growth of your child. We teach various Life-Skills to children depending upon the current state of growth in studies. If required, based on assessment and counselling we Customize and recommend a future course of action for your child.

Do you conduct Group Coaching for students?

Yes , we do conduct One-to-One and Group Coaching for students depending upon their requirement and stage of development.


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