Ms. Nehha Mhetre engaging students at one of her lectures

Our Purpose

Our founder, Ms. Nehha Mhetre, is an educational counselor and a psychologist with an extensive experience of over 15 years in Human Resource and Training. Along with her modern approach to life-skills training, she also firmly believes in India’s ancient heritage and traditional educational system. Nehha believes that every child is born with a ‘Unique Ability’ and as parents it is our purpose to identify it. When we combine it with Life-skills that go hand in hand with their curriculum, it makes children successful in every sphere of life.

Today hundreds of parents trust her to guide their children.

Our Approach

Each child is unique! Every student is talented child his or in her own right. We just need to uncover the hidden potential within them with the help of modern tools, tests and methods. The day we unlock their true potential, life becomes a highway of success for them, and it does not matter what career path or profession they choose. They will become successful in whatever they do!

Vision & Mission

Based on modern and ancient learning systems, Param Shishya aims to take the concept of “Life-Changing-Skills” to parents, students and teachers across schools, colleges and educational institutions across Maharashtra and the length and breadth of India.

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Posted by PARAM Shishya on Sunday, April 5, 2020