At Param Shishya we strongly believe that ‘Life-Skills’ are those vital skills necessary for success in any career, profession, business and everyday life. For Career-oriented professionals Life-skills such as Goal Setting, Time Management, Concentration, Communication and more can become the difference between success and failure.

At Param Shishya, we believe in teaching Life-Skills to everyone, including professionals and students based upon their current level of growth in any organization. This helps them becomes successful in any profession they choose. We teach Life-Skills to professionals and students through various training and counselling programs.
Param Shishya is a common platform for Working Professionals and Freshers to get the job of their dreams through our wide network of Clients.

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Human Resource Development

We make gems out of your Human Capital, the most important asset in any organization. At Param Shishya, we are committed towards development of your Human Capital and to make them shine with Life-skills such as Time Management, Goal Setting, Target Achievement, Concentration and more.

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Career Guidance & Counselling

At Param Shishya, we guide students right before they can fly. With our wealth of experience in training, development and assessment, we recommend the career that’s just right for your child.

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School & College Training

Param Shishya is dedicated to train students and equip them with important Life-Skills such as concentration, time management and goal-setting, thereby helping them succeed in life and their careers.

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Committed to Life-Skills

We believe that survival is essential before everything else. It is this core thought that precedes all others. Even before education, talent, opportunity and more. Life-Skills are those essential bricks which can add meaning to any career path and objective.

Life-skills such as Concentration & Focus, Time Management, Problem-solving, Learning attitude, Goal-setting etc can win hearts before winning races.

Param Shishya is exceedingly good at imparting your children with some of these essential life-skills set.

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