#1 Career Guidance

Can you imagine success for your child without proper Career Guidance? In fact, your child can do wonders with the right Career Guidance. Pre-planned Guidance from the experts, in the right time for the right career guarantees a bright future.

#2 DMIT Testing

Did you know that you can directly read the brain of your child using DMIT – Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test! Yes Science now helps you understand different areas in the brain to identify inborn talent and personality.

#3 Aptitude Tests & Reports

Find your child’s true potential and know how he or she will perform in a given career through a proven combination of Biometric-Psychometric Aptitude Evaluation of learning habits and a personality test which accurately helps make the right career choice.

Param Shishya is offering ONE-TO-ONE STUDENT COUNSELLING and
GROUP PARENTING WORKSHOPS through Video Sessions. Do get in touch if you have groups of parents or students attending.


#4 Parenting Workshops

Successful Parenting is the key to your child’s bright future. Param Shishya helps you take effective steps to control your child’s anger, bring him up with right values and mindset, spot and develop hidden talent and maximize potential.

#5 Career Counselling

Counselling helps you understand your child better. It is the first step to a happy ‘Parent-Child’ relationship. You can see their point of view, resolve teenager issues and do more with our Child Psychology techniques.

Besides the above core services Param Shishya also helps you understand your child’s behavioural patterns and offers vital reports such as your child’s Learning Habits Report, Personality Report and even a comprehensive 360-degree Assessment Report. These reports will indicate the best course of action for your child, right now!!!

Know your child’s best performing career

Param Shishya has helped numerous parents and teachers understand their children well. What are the habits and mental traits that make or break a successful career.

Plan your Child’s Next Steps…

This is the right time to think about your kid’s golden future and give him a strong foundation. Teach him the right Life-Skills to succeed at the earliest!

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